Whether Your fFavorite Cosmetics By Safety Administration Approval?


Packing your cosmetics can be a surprisingly murky territory when you are trying to comply with the TSA agents at a security checkpoint. However there are a few tricks to making sure you have all your necessities and are still being compliant. Here’s a list of what you can and can’t take on board, and how to pack it so that you can breeze through security without a hitch.

The Liquid Golden Rule

If you stick with this 3-1-1 rule you’ll be good to go when it comes time to pass through security. That means stick to 3.4 ounce bottle in a 1 quart sized bag. For a pre-sized option use a large plastic zip lock baggy!

Make Up

For make-up, unless it’s a powder you’ll have to compartmentalize it with your liquids. That means that the following should be included with your liquids:

-liquid eyeliner

-liquid foundation

-nail polish

-gel lip balm

-hair gel

Consider how long a full bottle of your lotion lasts you, and then reconsider taking that whole bottle with you for a week. Instead, transfer to smaller travel-friendly bottles or capsule sizes. When purchasing lotions and toiletries for your trip, remember that a lot of companies make travel sized portions for their products.

Sharp Objects

If you were worried about a shave on your trip, have no fear, disposable razors are allowed on domestic flights. Just skip the safety razor, which a not so common option these days, and has a different razor head than your classic multi-blade disposable. As for other sharp objects you’ll commonly carry with your cosmetics, here are the things you can carry on:

-a scissor with a blade under 4 inches

-nail clippers


With the inclusion of these pre-approved items, TSA may reserve the right to look inside your bag. If you absolutely want no security stops on your trip, ditch these items and instead by them during your stay. But if having all your amenities packed is more important to you, bring the above-mentioned through with no concerns. You’ll be properly packed and ready to go!

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