Westjet Has Published A Special Christmas Miracle Fort Mcmurray People

Fort McMurray‘s been through a lot this year. Back in May, the town was engulfed by such a severe wildfire, literally every resident was forced to evacuate. They scrambled out of their homes, leaving all of their valuables behind, not knowing what exactly they’d be coming back to. Canadians came together during those tough days, weeks and months to help piece the lives of those affected back together. Now, just over half a year later, WestJet decided that the folks of FortMcMurray deserved a special gift to get them through the holidays.

The Canadian airline company asked some residents to share their harrowing stories about what they went through, all the while planning a spectacular Christmas surprise. In their “WestJet Christmas Miracle: Fort McMurray Strong” video (below) we watch as the company welcomed 826 residents to an extravagant Christmas party. The whole video–which feels How the Grinch Stole Christmas-esque–shows everyone enjoying themselves, not knowing that WestJet “elves” were hidden away, working on something magical.

Photographers took pictures of each of the families and quietly passed on the shots to said elves who quickly packaged them up and got them prepped for the night’s finale. Attendees were asked to then head outside and many were quick to look up at the sky, not at the snowflakes, but the tiny white boxes that were parachuting down on all of them. As children scrambled to open them up, they found see-through ornaments that held pictures of the families (cue the tears) and free flights from WestJet. Christmas miracle? Yes, indeed.