Video Is The Wave Of The Future In The Travel Industry

As you know, over the last few months, I’ve been putting together an online travel media school covering writing, photography, marketing, and, now as of today, video. Today, I’m announcing the final course in the media school on making travel videos.

Even though I’m a writer, I admit that video is the next big thing. Humans love video. We are visual creatures. Video gives us a special connection to the content we are watching. It makes everything seem more real and alive.

Video is already everywhere in our society: we Netflix and Hulu from our phones, we watch cat videos on YouTube, we Snapchat, and we search for videos to help us tie a bow tie or plant a garden or put on makeup. With better bandwidth and smartphones in everyone’s hand, we’re consuming video like never before.

And video consumption is only going to increase.

Travel is one of the largest subjects on YouTube, and video is the wave of the future in the travel industry.

Even though it feels like YouTube is crowded with thousands of channels all saying the same thing and everyone is on Snapchat, the truth is that the video industry is very young and still finding its way. It’s the wild west out there and, with that comes great opportunity to grow and succeed. There is plenty of space for you and your story.

If you’ve been thinking about branching into the travel video world, NOW is the time to get started.

Because I believe in video so much I partnered with two of the biggest travel YouTubers in the world to create an in-depth course on how to make videos and succeed at YouTube: Nadine Sykora from Hey Nadine and Kristen Sarah from Hopscotch the Globe!

Nadine and Kristen are experts at video. They have both been making videos for over 10 years and have a combined 335,000 subscribers and 46,000,000 views (and growing). They have worked with some of the biggest brands, tourism boards, and production companies in the world and regularly speak at conferences. I’m actually here with them at VidCon (the biggest YouTube conference in the world) in L.A. where they are speaking and running workshops on travel videos. There’s no two better suited to help you make amazing videos!

They didn’t start out as experts. They were just like you: with a desire for travel, a passion for video, and an idea.


Like you, they were unsure of themselves and ability to put themselves out there. Kristen used to be so afraid of filming, she couldn’t do it in front of people for fear of embarrassing herself. And yet now she’s one of the biggest travel YouTubers out there!

There could be a whole host of other reasons you haven’t started video yet: you don’t know what gear to get, or how to edit, perform on camera, connect with established brands, or make money.

But Nadine and Kristen were there just like you. Like you, they imagined a world in which they were successful in travel video production but didn’t know how to get there.

They had to learn via trial and error.

They leapt not because they had skills, but because their dream was too important not to.

But we’ve created this course to be the roadmap they didn’t have.

You don’t need to worry about failure, because you have two of the top travel YouTubers in the world walking you through creating a channel, video production, growing your channel, and making money — all while answering your questions along the way. They will make sure you know what works, help you limit your mistakes, and provide guidance so you can get a leg up on the seemingly endless supply of new vloggers.

Whether you are looking to make this your job or just to get better at filming your own travels for home videos, our course has been designed to help you.

Taught through video instruction, step-by-step guides, photo and video examples, and take home exercises, this course will give you a complete understanding of how to succeed with video online.