Tweet This Woman Her Life Flights Following The Discovery Of What Was In The Seat Next To Her

If you’re a bad flyer, that’s one thing. But if you’re stuck next to a miserable passenger, that’s a whole other flight of evil. You know that anxious feeling you get when you’re about to board a plane and you don’t know who’s going to wind up sitting next to you? Will she smell? Will he fall asleep and try to use your shoulder as a pillow? What if it’s a crying baby or a child who gets sick?

But all those kinds of passengers are angels compared to what Sara Nović had to deal with. She was on a redeye flight when she thought no one was sitting next to her. Glorious, right? It was… until she looked down and realized a doll was now occupying the seat.

Before you start hyperventilating, the doll didn’t magically walk to the seat, hoist herself up and sit down. It actually belonged to the man in the same row (just when you thought things couldn’t get creepier–bam!–doll-loving man enters the picture).

The flight was so beyond anything anyone should ever have to endure, but thankfully, Nović started live-tweeting the events. What better way to actually experience the horror of her flight without actually experiencing it?

Bad, right? Like, Village of the Damned, Children of the Corn, Chucky bad, right? Nope. IT GETS WORSE.

Then, they deboarded and Nović figured she was in the clear, what with a two-hour layover and all. But then she boarded her connecting flight and the man and his doll were across the aisle from her. Fate can be a b*tch.

One last parting shot of Barbara, in case you’re not dead yet.

Nović has us all transfixed on this nightmare come to life. But while she may have been creeped out, it was actually a bit fun for us. Sort of. Now, next time you’re boarding a flight, just remember that anything really can happen.