The Most Time-Sensitive Travel Spaces And Making Sure You Have Access To Food


photo via AirGrub

Let’s set the scene. You’ve got a layover for 30 minutes in Boston and those dinner time hunger pangs are quickly kicking in. Rather than try to subside on the in-flight snack, or tough it out until you land, use the AirGrub app so you can skip those long wait lines and ensure you get dinner before your next flight. Here’s how the app works to help you get your food faster and ditch the wait.

AirGrub’s genius lies in taking one of the most time-sensitive travel spaces and making sure you have access to food there. Whether you are in a cab on the way to the airport, are taxiing on the runway and have those few minutes before getting off the plane, or are stuck waiting in line for security, there is ample time to take advantage of those few minutes to pre-place your order.

Here are the FAQs that people may have on how to use the app:

How does it work?

Enter the name of your airport, or for a more accurate read of what is nearby enter your airline number. Then enter the time and date for pickup. After choosing your meal and submitting your order you can head straight to the pickup counter to the AirGrub VIP sign and show ID or boarding pass for confirmation for your order.

Can I time my pickup?

Yes, feel free to place your order well in advance as you can fill in your pickup time and have your meal still warm by the time you arrive.

Can I change my order once it’s placed?

Yes, if your flight is delayed or you have a change in appetite, you can reach out to their customer service through the app and update the order via a phone call or text.

What airports use it?

The Airgrub app is currently available in 3 airport locations: New York-JFK, Boston-BOS, San Francisco-SFO. AirGrub was only founded in 2015, so you can expect more locations soon. Their goal is to be active in every major airport nationwide. You can sign up for their updates so you know as soon as an airport is added to their locations.

Sign up for the app for free here so you never have to wait on an empty stomach, or a limited time frame again!