Spring Break Passport Review


For those of us who have clocked long hours in the air, it’s a verifiable fact that a passport case can make all the difference in organizing your wallet and making sure you don’t forget that oh-so-important document, your passport. In this roundup we’ll give you the can’t-miss passport styles from Bellroy for this Spring Break, and what travels they are geared towards.

The Bellroy Travel Philosophy

Bellroy’s goal is to slim your wallet. They’re sending the message that a bulky wallet no longer has to be a norm with all the organizational features in their line. Bellroy sticks to slim quality leathers and creative storage options so your wallet can truly fit inside your pocket without effort.

The Elements Travel


The name of the Elements Travel passport wallet is an ode to its tough as nails exterior casing that includes a water resistant zip lining and all-weather leather that is also resistant to rain infiltration. The best part still has to be its carry capacity. Store what would usually take at least a pouch to carry all inside this genius design. Swap out a few of the 15 cards you can store inside in favor of your smartphone, so you can have everything in one wallet space. It seems impossible but the Elements Travel does it all in a 5.5 x 4.3 inch frame.

The Passport Sleeve

Passport Sleeve

This is a classic passport case, but because it’s Bellroy you can come to expect a few twists. Besides being outfitted in a fantastic lightweight leather, the interior also included slider tabs so you can easily pull cards and your passport out of storage. It even has room for your boarding pass in the perfectly sized wallet card slots. It will be great for business or during a getaway.

The Travel Wallet

Travel Wallet

If you are looking for more of a true wallet style that can still fit your passport, Bellroy has you covered with the Travel Wallet. Its folded bill storage makes this no bigger than your typical wallet, and still a lot slimmer and lighter to heft. Stow your passport on one side of the wallet, and use the alternate side for up to 6 cards, currency, and your boarding pass. It’s a Kaehler favorite for everyday use that can transition into travel at the drop of a hat.

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