Safety Of Intrinsically Safe Travel


When you’re traveling to an unfamiliar destination, preparation is your first line of defense against the unexpected. Always learn a little about the country and region you’re visiting before your departure, especially in matters of health and safety. The US State Department has a helpful list of travel advisories for every country in the world, which will let you view essential safety information about your destination.

Whether you’re going to a country that’s beautiful and tourist-friendly yet notorious for pickpockets, or just don’t want to worry about losing track of your keys as you focus on your next big adventure, Kaehler offers a number of specialized bags and travel accessories that will give you that extra peace of mind.

Tumi RFID Wallet

  1. RFID-Blocking Wallets

Travelers should not only consider physical theft of their belongings, but identity theft as well. An ever more popular feature on newer bags and backpacks, RFID lining shields your bank and ID cards and prevents electronic thieves from stealing your identity. Many of our bags come equipped with this feature, but it’s most useful on the items where you’re most likely to keep your credit cards and personal information: your wallet. Many of our travel wallets from Tumi and Boconi come equipped to deflect fraud away from your RFID-activated cards.


  1. PacSafe

PacSafe is a line of backpacks, bags and purses specifically designed to thwart pickpockets and other unauthorized characters from gaining access to your bag. A metal mesh within the bag holds the contents in if slashed and two-step mechanisms put an extra step between a pickpocket and opening any of the bag’s access points. Plus, PacSafe bags are shielded against RFID skimming too.

Chipolo tags

  1. Chipolo

These colorful dongles are more than meets the eye. When paired with an app on your iPhone or Android phone, Chipolo allows you to keep track of anything you attach it to: keys, wallets, handbags, backpacks, checked luggage, laptops, even pets and children! Your Chipolo tag will communicate its location to your phone and chirp when you’re near. If it’s your phone you’ve misplaced, Chipolo works in reverse too: shaking the tag will help you locate the phone.

Tumi combination locks

  1. A lock!

Sometimes the low-tech option is the right one. If your bag doesn’t come with an integrated combination lock, an external padlock will make sure the zippers stay securely closed, especially when you leave your bags unattended in a hotel room.

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