The Plane Seat Is Too Narrow, How Can We Sit It?

middle seatDoes it seem like your average airplane seat is getting smaller? And the space between those seats is also getting smaller? Yes! We all know that airlines have been squeezing in as many seats as possible to make as much money as possible per flight. That’s not new. So then why would someone try to squeeze into the tiny space between me and the seat in front of me, trying to get to their window seat, rather than just wait for me to stand up? It wasn’t just one person, or even two. On my most recent trip four individual people started to climb over me, all the while I’m trying to stand up and get out of their way.

Y’all, help me understand this because I am at a loss. Is it because people think it’s less polite to make the person in the aisle get up? Or they are trying to get out of the way to speed up boarding? Or something I’m not thinking of? After this happened a few times in a row several months ago I basically stopped reading my phone or Kindle during boarding, just to make sure I wasn’t missing someone needing to get into my row. Maybe it’s just the summertime vacation flyers, and I need to just wait it out.

The best way to get to your middle or window seat is to stop at your row and politely alert the person sitting in the aisle seat that you need to sit down. Wait patiently for them to stand and move out of your way, then enter the row and get situated. Pro tip:  If someone in front of you is waiting for someone to get up so they can sit, don’t move forward in the aisle and block their seat (yes, this happened  to me as well). Wait for them to get back in their row and then continue down the aisle.

Readers, do you prefer aisle or window seats? Have people tried to crawl over you to get to their seat?