Part 2 The Ultimate Shopping Experience

Planning a trip to Australia or Canada? Or simply just a true shopaholic at heart? Either way, this blog make you fully prepared for where you can shop whilst away! Check out part 1 after this, which is all about great shopping destinations in Dubai and Thailand.


Queen Street Mall, Brisbane

Brisbane, Australia

Vibrant and full of character, this shopping mall lies right in the heart of Brisbane city and attracts over 26 million people each year…so it must be good!

The Queen Street Mall has over 700 diverse shops and retailers selling local, national and international labels, designer fashion, jewellery and antiques.

Ideal for families or a group of friends, as there are beauty salons, galleries and a farmers market for everyone to explore.

The Rocks Market, Sydney

The Rocks, Sydney

Every single open-air market stall is full of passionate people selling items they truly love, which helps create such a welcoming and relaxed atmosphere. The stalls themselves are placed between the Harbour and Harbour Bridge, so the views really are extraordinary!

One-off jewellery, leather accessories, organic clothing and hand-made soaps are some of the items this market is well-known for.

This market runs every weekend and on Fridays there’s a ‘Friday Foodie Market’, where you can taste some of the local cuisine.


Vaughan Mills Shopping Centre, Toronto area


Are you a lover of designer labels? Michael Kors, Hugo Boss and Calvin Klein are all in this mall, so make sure to take a look. This being said, the premier shopping outlet has over 240 stores, so you’re spoilt for choice!

If you’re wondering how you’ll make your way to this outlet, then you can take the shopping shuttle bus, which provides transport from Toronto’s Union to Vaughan Mills (Between 1st June- 30th September, twice a day).

Granville Island, Vancouver

Vancouver, Canada

This shopping and entertainment location is the perfect place for families! There’s an indoor adventure zone, live turtles and magic for all children to get involved in…or even adults!

Whilst you’re strolling around the cobbled streets, you’ll come across retailers selling food, handmade crafts, jewellery and even galleries, with local artists artwork in.

After holding all the shopping bags, a sit-down and a relax really is required! Whilst relaxing you can watch a comedy performance, a classic play or a contemporary theatrical production.

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