Olympic Athletes Package For Rio

Heys U.S. Cities

The 2016 Olympics represent an exciting time for travel with countries sending their best in athletics from all over the world to compete in Rio. While we’d love a peek inside the bags of the competitors, we have a few ideas of our own on what the olympians included in their packing. Here are a few items that we see being of use on the road to Rio, and for you as well!

A Patriotic Hardside Bag

 Since Simone Biles admits to needing a carry-on and checked luggage piece to carry all her gear to Rio, we figure a checked luggage like the Heys U.S. Cities will be right up her alley. This hardside luggage will hold its shape and keep contents safe, For delicate items like her jeweled leotards, plus its exterior is covered in U.S. sights which will add a patriotic flare for her travels.


A Duffel Bag For Odd-Shaped Equipment

 We know that gold medalist Bethanie Mattek-Sands probably wants her tennis racket packed safely, and stowed in her personal baggage. If that’s the case, a sporty duffel is going to be the way to go. A Large Split Duffel like Tumi’s would be the perfect solution with it’s separate bottom compartment that could be used specifically for her racket.Tumi Large Split Duffel

A Backpack For In Between Events

 A backpack is one of the most useful travel bags. It’s the ideal size to throw a few things in and works well transitioning between the gym and other activities.  the ideal size to put a few gym essentials in for practice before trial. Plus, it transitions into the perfect day bag for outings into Rio when competitions are over, or if there is free time before an event. We bet olympians will have their eyes on a bag like the Hex Sneaker Backpack, which has a separate compartment at the bottom for shoes or soiled gear.

Hex Sneaker Backpack

A Shirt Folder Or Packing Cell For Uniforms

 We recommend these packing aids to any everyday packer, as they tend to help with organization. We bet you see these in more than a few olympians using these to keep uniforms sharp and at hands reach before events. An entire uniform can be folded into a shirt folder which will keep it wrinkle-free, or alternately a uniform can be placed in a packing cell if it includes smaller gear like hand wraps, shin guards, and other small protective items.

shirt folder

Compression Socks To Keep Legs Fresh After Flying

 Long flights can cause issues for any traveler, but when you have to hop off a plane and compete the importance of fresh legs becomes even more critical. Compression socks should be in every olympian’s carry-on for the plane ride to and from Rio. These socks are specially designed to help legs stay fresh after landing, and will even work to regenerate tissue after practice and performing.


While the bulk of olympians preparation is in the gym and on the field, these packed goods are sure to let olympians feel prepared for Rio, and we bet they can do the same for you. Make sure to incorporate items like these into your upcoming travels for packing ease!