In The History Of The Worst Tourists, On The Earth

Travel is: an opportunity to expand your knowledge of other cultures, meet new people and have life-changing experiences. Travel is not: an invitation to Sharpie your name on a monument at a UNESCO World Heritage site or take your pants down for a selfie at a sacred burial ground. Somehow these tourists didn’t get that memo—their bad travel behaviour was so extreme, it’s a miracle no one’s revoked their passports. Check out these nine globe-trotting knuckle-draggers:

The guy who’s ‘To Pack’ list included his drone… so that he could crash it into a cathedral that took six centuries to build. Forget art, architecture and food, what you really don’t want to miss out on in Milan is the incredible aerospace tech. How close can you get your drone to the Milan Cathedral’s spires without crashing? Don’t ask the guy who flew his straight into them.

The Instagram “artist” who received two years probation and a ban from all U.S. National Parks for defacing rock formations with her “art.” Um, ever heard of a canvas?

The foursome who disrespected Bornean Indigenous customs so that they could take naked pics on Mount Kinabalau. Locals believe that the mountain has its own spirit and was angered by the offensive act, causing an earthquake that killed 18 people a few days later. Hot travel tip: try wearing pants in public.

The people who equate ‘sacred Cambodian holy site’ with ‘sweet spot to snap a nude selfie.’ In 2015 alone, seven people were busted with their pants down, mooning their pals’ cameras at the Angkor Wat temple. Can’t comprehend why that isn’t cool? Imagine going to visit your grandparents’ graves and pulling the same stunt.

The Minnesota dentist who thought conservation laws didn’t apply to him… so he lured a famous Zimbabwean lion out of an animal sanctuary and killed him to take home as a trophy. Cool souvenir, bro.

The guy who was willing to do anything to get the perfect shot… of himself. Selfies: vain? Sure. Harmless? Usually. Except when your quest for social media stardom result in the destruction of a more than century-old statue of a Portuguese king. Here’s a photo of the statue before it was used as an Instagram prop:

And here’s the statue post-selfie destruction. Hope the ‘likes’ were worth it!

The Tate Modern gallery-goers who let their kid treat a $3 million art installation as a jungle gym. Kids will be kids, parents, however, should be less clueless.

The father and son with lots of good intentions… and zero common sense. There aren’t many occasions that call for taking a wild animal and putting it in the backseat of your car. ‘That baby buffalo looks cold,’ definitely isn’t one of them. The pair’s decision to do so resulted in the buffalo being rejected from its pack. Yellowstone park rangers eventually had to euthanize the calf, which couldn’t survive without its mother’s milk.

The guys who were like, ‘Nature is dumb! Let’s break it!’ A fellow tourist to Cape Kiwanda in Oregon caught two geniuses exacting revenge on an ancient rock formation that a co-member of their Mensa chapter hurt himself falling off of. Take that, inanimate object/miracle of the natural world!

Guess we’ll just have to binge watch television for the next 18 million years, until another one forms.