Guess Which City Is Named Destination In Canada

It’s not Vancouver, it’s not Toronto–nor was it Montreal. No, none of those places were deemed worthy of the “number one city in Canada” title awarded by Travel + Leisure. Although we’d be the first to admit they’re all fantastic places to visit.

Instead, the magazine went with Québec City, Canada’s little piece of Europe. And as much beauty as there is tucked across all parts of the country, it’s not exactly hard to see why it crowned the historic city:

Flickr/Tony Webster

“Québec City has a Parisian feel, with its narrow, cobblestone streets and European-influenced architecture,” the New York-based magazine reports. “It’s been on the World’s Best Cities list for more than a decade, thanks in part to its friendly locals who don’t laugh at tourists’ attempts to resurrect their high school French.”

The city is best known for its Old Town–a UNESCO World Heritage site. Four hundred-year-old stone buildings and walls line its quaint streets, which are often decorated with flowers and intricate lighting. It’s one of the few places where Canada’s storied history is well-preserved and on full display.

But this isn’t just a place for history buffs or art enthusiasts, the city is also teeming with great little shops and legendary nightlife. Not to mention Winter Carnival.

So what are you waiting for? A top tourist destination is right in your own backyard.

We’ll see you there.