Where Is The Best Wildlife Found In New South Wales

Australia is known for its wildlife. From Kangaroos to Koalas, there are some incredible animals that you simply can’t see anywhere else. And that’s not to mention the incredible marine life such as the humpback whales, coral and the slightly scary marine life (Australia is home to 180 spieces of shark!). Last month, we sent a team of travel experts on a road trip in New South Wales to search out some of the best spots for seeing Aussie wildlife up close. Here’s what they came back with:

Emerald beach for kangaroos

Emerald beach, Coffs Harbour

Now you may not be morning person, but this was one hundred percent worth the early start. Kangaroos come out to play at dawn, so make sure you get to Emerald Beach, Coffs Harbour at sunrise for the chance to hang out with groups of kangaroos as they bounce around the grassy headland looking over the beaches. The sunrise is pretty gorgeous too!

The koala hospital, Port Macquarie

The koala hospital, Port Macquarie

One of the highlights of the trip! The koala hospital is a charity set up

Envision cruises run whale watching cruises from around May to November while the humpback whales have migrated to Australian waters for Winter. Not only do you get to see the magnificent whales up close, but also the Dolphins and Seals hanging out on the rocks in the bay of Port Stephens. We would recommend the express option as the smaller boat allows you to quickly head over to where the marine line can best be seen. There is also marine biologist on board to tell you all about the incredible wildlife out there. If you don’t spot any whales, you can go out again for free, but to give you an idea of how much close we got to the whales, have a look at this video!

Taronga Zoo and the Sea Life Sydney Aquarium

Sydney Sea Life Aquarium coral reef

Being in the city doesn’t mean you have miss out on wildlife spotting. Taronga Zoo is a 12 minute ferry ride from the City Centre and offers amazing views as you ride the cable car up to the zoo. There are over 4,000 animals to visit as well as talks, shows, tours and other events. If, like us, you would rather not get to know Australia’s sharks in the sea, we recommend the Sea Life Sydney Aquarium at Darling Harbour. The aquarium allows you to see and learn about Australia’s native marine life without ever getting your hair wet and the coral reef tanks are stunning.

How to get to get there? On a roadtrip! It allows you the most flexibility in seeing wildlife in its natural habitat and getting out to some beautiful nature spots that would otherwise be hard to reach. To plan your wildlife voyage through New South Wales, speak to one of our travel experts or see what is on offer here.