The Best Accessories To Travel Around The World


Going abroad can be one of the best forms of travel. After all, seeing new sites and experiencing a different way of life are some of the best reasons to travel. While we encourage far off travels, they can require some serious preparations- and when preparation is involved small accessories can make a world of a difference. Here are a few we’ve found to be essential when traveling globally.

A shoe bag – Roads can be quite dusty depending on the climate, and this makes a shoe bag a necessity during your stay. It will be good for keeping clothing separate and clean in your luggage.

A nice scarf or wrap – You may plan on traveling to a developing country but dress can be surprisingly formal and modest in these spaces. A light scarf, or a wrap that you can wear at night will be excellent to accessorize with when navigating different cultures and wanting to put your best foot forward on the road.

A money belt – If you like to sleep soundly on a plane ride, keep your money and important documents on you. Even your personal bag under your seat can make for a surprisingly easy target. Don’t leave it to chance, and keep these things all on your person, stowed out of site in a money belt.

The correct adapter and converter plugs – These two are critical for being able to travel with any tech whatsoever, and can be increasingly challenging to find once arriving at a destination, and being unfamiliar with their stores and markets. Instead, plan ahead by purchasing an adapter plug that matches your country’s outlet system, or purchase a universal plug if you are transitioning between countries. If you plan on using heated tools or certain electronics you should also look into a transformer so these tools can appropriately match up to the electronic current of the country you are entering.

A sink stopper and travel-sized detergent – Laundry machines can be hard to come by when on the road. Instead of overpacking, invest in a laundry travel kit like Lewis N. Clark’s so you can sink wash clothing. It will be convenient and comes with a sink stopper, which many sinks will not include abroad.

A luggage lock – Whether you plan on traveling by plane, train, or bus, a luggage lock will be an essential in international territories. It will deter any unwanted access to your luggage which can be an unfortunate reality, even in airports. Another tip is to travel with electronics and small valuables in your carry-on so you can keep an eye on them at all times.

As you can see, even these few accessories end up making a large difference in your overall comfort on the road, as well as allowing you to pack more effectively. Once you’ve started with these, make sure to ask a friend who’s traveled or lived in the region you are staying so they can give you even more accessorizing tips for your packing.