Bad News, Passengers: Canada Has The World’s Most Expensive International Flights

If you’ve been toying with the idea of an overseas trip, or maybe just a quick flight to The Big Apple, but just can’t swallow the flight cost, you’re not alone. A new survey has found that Canadians pay the most in the entire world for international air travel. How’s that for not awesome news?

The research, conducted by travel booking website, found that on average, Canadians pay $123 CAD per 100 kilometres of air travel on full-service flights, while across the border, Americans dish out just $23.50 for the same distance. And we’re not just paying a few bucks more than others. Oman, the second most expensive country, pays $43 less than we do, with their international flights clocking in at around $80 per 100 kilometres, and Taiwan, the third highest ranked country, at $58. China, on the other hand, boards the most affordable flights, with their average cost at $4.

It’s no wonder so many of us will make the drive south of the border in order to snag a more affordable flight out of Dodge.

As to why Canadians have it so bad, well, a lot of it comes down to supply and demand. A massive country plus not so many people equals expensive flights. This is why you can often get to London, England for the same price as getting to London, Ontario.

Even booking in Canada results in higher prices, according to the study. When sites register your IP address as coming from Canada, they administer different (ahem, higher) prices.

“Understanding the least expensive countries from which to fly brings immense value to travellers when planning their next getaway,” says Oliver Dlouhý,’s CEO. “The public may never understand how and when flight tickets change in price; however, they now know which countries allow them to travel further on a budget.”

There are all sorts of theories about how to book cheaper flights–like using a private browser or booking on certain days of the week–but none have been verified as legit. Until they are, we’ll just have to continue to suck it up and open our wallets. That, or drive to the States.