Backpack: Do You Like New Carry-on Luggage


The backpack has quickly become a favorite design for travelers. We’ve already covered its rise to popularity for business dealings, but more and more travelers are coming to prefer this easy-to-tote style over wheeled carry-on luggage. Here’s why you may want to consider converting to the backpack for your upcoming travel plans.

Airline Changes

Airlines have made a lot of changes in the past year. Sizes for carry-ons no longer uniform between airlines, which can cause confusion when trying to invest in the proper luggage.  Many flyers are simply switching to a backpack so that oversized baggage is not a problem. Also, certain airlines like American now offer you anywhere from 1-3 free checked bag for your travels in the hopes of cutting down on airline congestion, and overcrowded bins. With all that checked luggage room, many prefer a smaller carry-on style like the backpack.

It Will Get On-Board

Nowadays, it seems the first carry-on luggage that commuter planes ask passengers to gate check are their wheeled luggage pieces. Backpacks are often seen as space-savers onboard and have the flexibility of fitting under your seat. This means your bag stays with you and is guaranteed to fit onboard a plane.

Flexibility In Use

Backpacks can be used after reaching your destination. If you want to bust out your backpack for a day trip or pack it with your essentials for a trip around town, you can, unlike a wheeled carry-on piece. Backpack styles vary from professional to casual, but never seem to look out of place transitioning through daily activities. It’s an important factor in usability after purchase.

Added Security

Lastly, you have to love the security benefits of a backpack. The backpack you are carrying can remain on your person when you are traveling. Also, if you size it to fit underneath an airplane seat, you don’t have to worry about luggage theft like you would with a bag in the overhead bin. It offers peace of mind, which is highly important to every traveler.

Here are some popular backpack styles for your next flight:


Filson Ranger Backpack ($175.00)


Knomo Hanson Backpack ($169.00)

Baggallini Brussels

Baggallini Brussels Laptop Backpack, ($135.00)

Tumi Larkin Laurel

Tumi Larkin Laurel Backpack ($375.00)