An Application That You Are Looking For Food

Thanks to Zagat’s new iPhone app refresh over the summer, finding great dining is no longer a complicated process of sorting, filtering and reading through thousands of user reviews. With a clean new interface and personalized recommendations, Zagat is now the go-to app for the ultimate foodie trip.

It knows where you are and what you’re looking for.

It’s currently 12 p.m. in New York and the home screen will suggest lunch options, coffee and quick bites nearby.

Zagat App 1

It has what you’re craving for.

Suppose you’re feeling Mexican food. In the search bar, it’ll allow you see and select nearby cuisine options and offer up top Mexican eateries in your area.

Zagat App 2

It helps you plan for later.

Whether you’re looking for a romantic restaurant to bring your partner, a kid-friendly diner to grab lunch with the family, or a hole-in-the-wall for an authentic foodie experience, Zagat’s got you covered with their specially curated “City’s Best” lists.

Or if you’re just looking for a recommended restaurant in a particular area you’ll be in later, you can also search by neighborhood.

Zagat App 3

It offers the entire experience.

Filtering by price and sorting by distance is the usual, but if you’re looking for the perfect ambiance to make that dining experience special, Zagat’s separate filtering of décor and service scores will allow just that! It’s also now easier to understand thanks to their recent adoption of the 5-point rating scale.

It allows you to save places.

There are never enough meals in a day to consume all the great foods this world has graced us with. So if you didn’t get to it this time around, create a list right in the app and save it for your next visit!

To find the best dining options wherever your travels may be, download the new Zagat iPhone app here.